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About Us & Our Policies

    I realize that this will probably not be the first page you look at during your visit to my website; however, it is probably one of the most important pages on here.  (No one blames you though; its so hard to concentrate with all of the beautiful puppies and dogs to look at.)  If you want to purchase one of my puppies, please read all of the information on this page.  You will find a lot of useful information on here including some more information about myself and my policies regarding each adoptable puppy.  I feel it is very important that each adoptive family gets to know as  much about me as possible, so they feel 100% comfortable with adopting their new family member from me:  it can be scary to adopt a puppy you've found on the internet, and  I've worked hard to try to keep a website that honestly represents each of my dogs and their puppies.  Each prospective family is more than welcome to come see a puppy and its parents in person before purchasing a puppy from me.  I can also provide references from other Dachshund breeders, past customers, and my Veterinarian.  I worked as a Veterinary Assistant with my Veterinarian for nearly a year, and they recommend me to any client looking for a Dachshund puppy or even just a "puppy" because they know how passionate I am about what I do. 

     I will occasionally receive an e-mail stating something like this, "I can buy a Dachshund puppy out of the state paper for $250.  Why are you charging more than that for your puppies?"  Sometimes the inquirer has a general interest in finding out why I charge more for my puppies, and sometimes they are simply trying to get me to lower my prices.  I want to take the time to explain the difference between my puppies and the puppies advertised in the paper:
     My dogs are healthy.  They are all current on their vaccines, heartworm prevention, flea/tick prevention, and dewormings.  They are fed a high quality diet, not the wal-mart special.  Also, I have hand-selected my breeding dogs to produce a quality type longhair mini Dachshund with a sound temperament, conformation, and free of life-threatening genetic disorders.  My Dachshunds come from across the country including Kentucky, Texas, Minnesota, and more to be able to offer you the BEST Dachshund you can get  They have champion, import pedigrees to boot!  Each breeding is carefully planned months in advance; I don't have surprises here.  Essentially, it costs me more money to run my breeding program the way I feel comfortable running it.  You get what you pay for, so please don't make a rash decision and buy a poorly bred dog out of the paper for $250 simply because its cheaper.  Look at the pedigree, and look at its conformation.  Look at the environment the parents are kept in, and look at how the puppy was socialized.  I don't want you to buy a puppy out of the paper for $250 and then spend $300. at the vet's office because it gets sick in a few weeks time.  Considering that the healthy puppies at Carolina Dachshunds typically sell  between $350- $400, how much have you really saved in the end?  You should buy the nicest quality puppy you can find, and I pride myself with having some of the best puppies in the Carolinas.

  • Each puppy is dewormed at 2,3,4,6, & 8 weeks of age. 
  • Each puppy receives his first dose of heartworm prevention at 6 weeks of age.
  • Each puppy receives his first vaccine at 6 weeks of age.
  • Each puppy receives his first dose of FRONTLINE  at 8 weeks of age.
  • No puppy leaves until he is at least 8 weeks of age; however, each puppy must be in his new home on or before he is 9 weeks  of age.  There will be a $1.00 per day boarding fee for every puppy that stays past the day he turns 9 weeks.
  • After you contact us to make sure the puppy of  your choice is still available, I will send you my contract.  You are to print it out, sign it, and mail it back to me with your $100. non-refundable deposit.  This deposit is your guarantee that I will not place the pup with anyone else, and it also serves as my guarantee that you will not back out on the puppy after I've held it for several wee
carolina dachshunds akc dachshunds for sale in south carolina south carolina dachshunds for sale